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Save yourself time and effort while ensuring your recruit the best candidate with RecruitSure's easy to use, online Interview Builder. Create Competency, Behavioural and Traditional Interviews in MINUTES and best of all, you have a searchable bank of 2,000 fully vetted interview questions at your fingertips.

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RecruitSure's powerful Interview Builder is pre-programmed to select the right questions to ask in any interview. Login to your account, select the job you are recruiting for and in minutes you will have a professional interview guide ready to conduct the interview.

Login and Select Job
1. Login, select job, create interview

Simply login to your RecruitSure account, select the job you are recruiting for and the Interview Builder feature will select the right questions to ask.

You can also build a custom interview by accessing the library of 2,000 professional interview questions of which 700 are Competency Based and Behavioural.

Review and Edit The Questions
2. Review and edit the suggested questions

Review the suggested questions, edit, re-order, delete and add new questions into your script until you are happy with your list of questions.

Save and Print the Interveiw Guide
3. View or print your interview guide

When complete view on tablet or print your interview guide, all professionally formatted and ready for you to conduct the interview. You can also easily share the guide with fellow interviewers and by saving it to the system you can reuse in future.


It's Online and Easy to Use, Start in Just 2 minutes

Remember, it is very easy to contravene some of the legislation that exists to protect job applicants; with RecruitSure you can avoid the risk of making these costly mistakes.

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2,000 Interviewer Questions Online

With RecruitSure you have a library of 2,000 pre-vetted fully lawful interviewer questions at your fingertips. You can be confident of having the right questions to ask in any job interview at any level.

Search the database of 2000 interviewer questions
  • Library of 2,000 interviewer questions
  • 700 Competency / Behavioural Questions
  • With Answer Guides for all questions
  • 30 core competencies covered
  • Questions created by HR professionals
  • Question search feature for easy access
  • Avoid asking illegal interview questions

Not only does it contain detailed technical questions it also includes 700 Competency and Behavioural questions covering over 30 different core competencies such as Achieving Results, Analytical Thinking, Building Relationships, Communication, Decision Making, Leadership, Negotiation, Problem Solving, Strategic Thinking, Team Working and many more.